Return Policy

Our Shipping & Return policy.

**NOTICE** Failure to fully read and understand our Shipping & Return policy is no reason and will not be accepted as an excuse for any disagreement after a purchase is made and payment received.

We do not encourage, promote or tolerate buyer remorse!
Therefore; We do not offer cash refunds and have a No Return Policy, No Exceptions.

However; We will go the extra mile, so to speak, to answer any/all questions about any product(s) of interest. We'll explain in "Layman's Terms" details about it's operations and will fully demonstrate it's functionality in helping customers make an informed decision whether or not the item of interest will meet their needs and perform to their satisfaction, before making the purchase.

Photos you will see on each listing are of actual items we sell. All items are guaranteed to be as described, no other warranty expressed nor implied, unless stated on the invoice.
Any warranty stated on the invoice of any item is for repair or replacement only, at our sole discretion.
*Returning an item in exercising a warranty and returning an item for a cash refund are not the same, please understand the difference before making a purchase.
Cost of expense to return and/or shipping of any item under warranty is the responsibility of the buyer, PISSONEBAY.COM will in no way be responsible or liable for any shipping or return costs.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality products possible and then to assist customers in selecting just the right item(s) to suit their needs, so that the benefits far outweighs any desire to return and obtain a cash refund.